Hi, Shibes!

We are an independent group of developers that want to make accepting Dogecoin as seamless and automatic as possible.

We are starting an initiative to develop an open source API platform that can handle all the payment processing in one place, to later develop front-end plugins (WordPress, Shopify, etc.) that can use it.

The ultimate goal is to provide the simplest tools to accept Dogecoin to all merchants—whether they are tech-savvy or not and independently of the platform they use.

We want to make it as open and transparent as possible, this website is the central place where all the news related to it will be published. As well as all standards, links related to the project, and a small directory of members.

Feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate.


  • James Shelley - Project manager
  • Prescott - Developer
  • yoob5 - Developer
  • Shibe - Developer
  • just-a-dev - Developer